Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Strawberries on an old baking tray

I have been home for the Easter Holidays and came back with some really good props for my food photography, like this old baking tray, from my mom, and these amazing forks from my in-laws. I have been looking everywhere for this kind of vintage cutlery and I never NEVER would have thought that I will find some really beautiful silverware pieces in my in-laws' old wooden barn.  I did not have much time to go to through all the stuff they have in there, so I am really exited for the next trip home, scavenging for antiques. 

I was going for dark photography and have to say that I am pretty satisfied with the end result. I used the tops from some ikea boxes in order to stop the light reflecting back. The light came from the sides and  the front. I am really new at dark food photography, mostly I shoot on white for my food blog, I have no idea if I am doing it the right way or not, but I like the final picture so I guess I must be doing something Ok :)

I am trying not to use wide aperture so often, it is a habit of mine to blur out everything, it took me a long time to go from f/2.5 (max. aperture of my lens) to lets say f/3.2 -f/4. It is really difficult for me to break this habit, I have been shooting the recipes on my blog for more than 5 years, and I have always tried to blur everything out in order to have a shallow depth of field, ending up with only a small part of the food in focus. So now I am always trying to take a picture using  different aperture settings and decide after the shooting which photo I like better.  

The manual camera settings I used for the pic above are:

Exposure: 1/8s at f/3.2
ISO: 100

Ok, the picture below is shaken. Same old story, I don't have a support for the camera that would enable me to take great pictures top down, and lacking image stabilizer the photos get shaken. I tried to correct it in Lightroom, by sharpening it, but you can still see it's not very clear. Nevertheless I like it, so I post it :)

Click Click Guten Appetit!

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