Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Potatoes & Onions

As I have already mentioned  it before, in another post, most of my food props are from my in-laws' old wooden barn, including this old pot that used to be the dogs feeding bowl. They have no more dogs so I took it home with me to use it as props, oh, and the tree branches in the back are also from their garden :) As a backdrop I have used two aluminium (or are they tin?) sheets, also from their barn. You don't want to know how our car trunk looked while driving back home, I kept thinking what the border police might say, if we have to open the trunk, and they'll see wooden logs, tree branches, old pots and some dirty aluminium sheets. But everything went fine, now I wonder what my neighbors must be thinking, seeing all this old stuff laying around in our storage unit...Anyways...

On the left side I used a foam board in order to reflect some light on the subject, also the light was coming in from the right side. I tried not to make big changes in the post processing of the pic, in Lightroom, I only added some sharpness, reduced the noise and maybe enhanced the colors.

Camera settings of the picture above are:

Exposure: 1/50s at f/2.8
Exposure Mode: Auto
Exposure Program: Aperture Priority
ISO: 100


  1. Haha...thanks for helping me with finding the props, and bringing them home :) ♥