Monday, April 18, 2016

More Pasta

These are actually leftover pasta from the other day, I wasn't really satisfied with the pics I have taken a day earlier so I gave it another shot, and I don't regret it. I really love this picture, the one from above!  I have a habit of overexposing my photos and lately I tried to avoid that.

This time I used Aperture Priority mode. I find it is easier to shoot using AP, you don't have to focus on exposure anymore, the camera is doing that for you, while you can choose your preferred focal depth.

Camera settings for the above pic:

Exposure: 1/100s at f/3.5
Exposure mode: Auto
Exposure program: Aperture Priority

Ok, I am not really fond of the picture below, it is taken top down and I have used my 18-55mm lens, the one that came with the camera kit. I cannot use my macro lens for top down pictures, because it has no image stabilizer and if I don't use a tripod the photos get blurry and shaken, that is why you wont see many of my pictures taken from this angle.  I am gonna have to improvise some kind of support for my camera, to be able to shoot photos of food top down. 

Camera settings:

Exposure: 1/30s at f/4.5
Exposure mode: Auto
Exposure program: Aperture Priority
ISO: 100

Click Click Guten Appetit! 

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