Thursday, April 21, 2016

Creamy Soup with Bacon

Bacon, I love it! So it felt pretty normal to add it also to a bowl of creamy soup, yellow lentil soup to be more precise. To make the picture more interesting I have placed a pretty plate under the bowl, it is a simple trick used in food photography, putting the plate with food on top of several other plates, it can change the entire look of a photo. I have noticed that I tend to use in my photos smaller bowls for soup, sometimes I like to have two identical bowls of soup in the same photo, it just looks pretty that way, but this time I've used only one, and because I felt like the picture needed something more, I placed the pretty plate under it. 

Another thing I tend to do while photographing soup is to use garnish on top, and that usually needs careful styling, believe me. When I first placed the bacon in the bowl it sank immediately to the bottom, so I fried some more bacon and placed it on top of the sunken one, this time it stayed above soup level :) Another trick is to use transparent glass beads, they are not visible and hold your beautiful garnish on top of the soup, but I also wanted to eat what I cooked, preferably without beads in it, so I just added more bacon, until it looked perfect to me. 

Ok, this is it for today :) Click Click Guten Appetit!


  1. Hi, I like it (the photo)... and a cream soup is always delicious.

  2. Awwww!!! Thanks so much mom!!!! I am really glad you like it ♥♥♥