Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bacon Mini Pizza Photo

I usually make the pizza bigger and with a thinner crust, but this time  I wanted to make a different one, for my food photography, and don't get me wrong, I don't cook or waste precious meals only so I can take some food shots, at the end of the photo shooting I usually end up eating the "model on-set", and this light and fluffy pizza was absolutely delicious. I like to be able to squeeze into the picture two or more identical food items, like in this one I managed to capture both little pizzas in one photo, it looks nicely organized and somehow "synchronized"...if food can actually look that way...well it does to me :) (I imagine that both are going to be eaten at the same time :)))

I have noticed that my tripod has not a completely straight angle so my camera is a little bit crooked, hence the pictures I take are sometimes tilted to one side, like the photo below. I usually crop all of my photos and try to straighten them but when the food in the picture covers a lot of space there is not much room left to crop. Anyway, I am satisfied with the pictures I have taken today...and I am thinking about eating also the second pizza :)

Click Click Guten Appetit!