Monday, April 25, 2016

Colourful Salad

I've just realized that I am going through a grey phase, not depression or anything like that, but I've noticed that my backdrops and dishes I use for my food photography are mostly grey. I find that the grey background is really enhancing the colors of the food, hence I tend to use it a lot. 
I didn't think that I will use these cherry tomatoes in a photo again, I guess I have them for three weeks now, and they still look good, I cannot say the same thing about the taste, it felt like eating lemons instead of tomatoes. Lesson learned, next time I'll buy organic ones! 

As you can see in both pictures, the main light source seems to come from the left, which is not entirely true. The light came equally from both sides, but I tend to enhance the exposure on one side (in this case on the left),  in the post processing of the picture, to make the photo look a little bit more interesting. 

Also, I splashed a little water on the salad, in order to make it look more fresh (it is only noticeable in the picture above), and I styled the leaves carefully, one by one :) 

Click Click Guten Appetit!

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