Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Some more fries :)

I hope the colors in these pics are not over-saturated, I don't want the food to look unnatural. When I open my blog on my phone, or tablet, the colors tend to look so exaggerated and  the food looks almost cartoonish, so after I post photos on the blog I immediately check out how the pictures look on my phone and if the colors are too accentuated then I try to edit the pic again. I love photographing fries and pasta, but sometimes the many angles, curves and edges give me a hard time at post processing, some parts tend to be more colorful due to the fac that the light hits them directly, and if I try to enhance the colors of the entire photo, while editing the picture,  those parts get to look exaggeratedly saturated. Anyhow, hope I got the colors right this time, they look ok to me on the laptop:)

Click Click Guten Appetit!


Well, the colors turned out to be too strong so I had to edit the pictures again. The pictures above have been changed, saturation turned down and I made also the contrast lighter, however, this morning, while watching the photos again I thought I should change the hue of the fries also, and make them look more yellow than orange. I usually add a generous amount of paprika powder to the potatoes, hence the orange/red color of the fries. 

I really like how the picture turned out in the end :) 

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