Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Semolina Pudding

I made some creamy semolina pudding, poured it in some small ramekin and left it overnight in the fridge. The next day I took out the pudding from the forms. It is not difficult, you just have to shake the ramekin a little bit and the pudding slides out nicely. I decorated it with some sweet strawberry jam, delicious :)

To be able to pour the jam and take the picture at the same time, I had to use the trigger, and obviously, I had to crop out my fingers from the photo in the editing process.  

The camera settings for the picture above are: 

Exposure: 1/200s at f/2.8
Exposure Mode: Manual
Exposure Program: Manual
ISO: 100

I used to set the white balance before the  beginning of a photo shooting, but now I just leave it on auto and change the temperature of the photo from Lightroom. I use natural lighting and every time I take photos the sun keeps hiding between the clouds and it is really annoying to have to set the white balance over and over again so I just leave it on auto mode. 

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