Thursday, January 12, 2017

Onions & co

I am still experimenting with my grey backdrop, unfortunately I don't have a cooked meal to photograph so I have to use wathever I have in the fridge...onions and smoked homemade sausage for now :)

As for the photo below, I am afraid the colour of the meat turned out a little bit too saturated...the meat was smoked and missed the "fresh meat" colur so I changed the hue a little towards magenta and I might have exagerated a bit :))) Anyway....I am still learning.
And the garden yarn seems to end up in every photo I take today :)

Click Click Guten Appetit !

Update: I have decided to reduce the saturation a little bit, and using the invert layer mask in Photoshop, I have changed only the saturation of the magenta, the rest of the picture remained the same........but still, it is to saturated for my taste.....


  1. Magenta or no magenta :) the smoked meat looks great. I am loving your grey backdrop and picture details! Mircea