Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Grey wood backdrop and some props

Finally I also have a grey wood backdrop! I wished for it for such a  looong time :)  The wood panels are from oak wood and their colour is greyish beacuse of their age, they are pretty old, not that I mind, I was aiming for grey.  I found them in my in-laws barn and had my husband (best in the world by the way :))) shorten them a little in order for them to fit in the trunk. 
Today I decided to take some pictures using these panels as backdrop and I have to admit the wooden texture looks pretty awesome in photos :) The wood panels are pretty freacking heavy but 100% worth the trouble. I have also posted some unedited photos from the shooting while deciding what props to use.

I started only with a bowl of hazelnuts and some walnuts...

... continued with a napkin...

...added a nutcracker tool, some hazelnut shells and a hammer in the background....

...and finished it off with a beige garden yarn.

Hope you like the end product ;)

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